Last night I was lucky * to be invited back to New Theatre Cardiff to see The Ghost’s Touch.
The play was based on a tale by Wilkie Collins, The woman in white. I had never heard of it, surprise there right! But I think maybe I need to give the book a read now.
The stage was set with a layered black curtain and a bench.
It started with just Stephan Rayburn ( Mark Homer) talking to his daughter who’s voice we could only hear. The first twenty minutes confused me, there was no props other than the black curtains and the bench! The lighting played a huge part a lot when they were at Kensington Gardens when it transformed the place in to what looked like trees.
Rayburn met a lady, Mrs Zant, ( Terri Dwyer) she just sort of crept from one end of the stage to the other, quite spookily as the lighting would go off then when it would come on she’d be in a different area making her way to the front.
We only met Rayburn and Mrs Zant, the voice talents we just heard.
Rayburn would be seen talking to his daughter, Lucy Rayburn, ( Millie Henson). He would bend down to chat to her and I was left asking was his daughter dead? The actors used some old English too, the way they spoke you could tell it was from the Victorian era.
I couldn’t make up my mind who was actually the dead ones, one of them had to be dead surely?!
The play kept you watching, wondering, and wanting to know the ending!
During the interval my mate actually googled the play, after I had put my theory out there, she put hers and we could hear whispers of, ‘ I think it’s her’, ‘No, it’s the daughter’, to ‘ It has to be him!’, everyone was speculating. Google didn’t tell her the answer just that others had googled the same thing at the interval!
When the second half started who was right was thrown about again, it could go anyway, and if like me people would be changing their minds!
Until it just clicked, like ‘ahhh so that’s going back to ….’
Then the excitement was oh am I right?!
The actors were really good, considering there were only two of them using no props, other than the bench, a letter and a doll, I was taking it all in. Maybe the basic set helped? There was nothing else for your mind to do but listen to the story.
I really enjoyed the play, it was a very short one at 1 hour and 45 minutes. Which was good or I would have gone crazy wanting to know who was right!
The Ghosts Touch is at New Theatre Cardiff Tuesday 3rd October- Thursday 5th October so get your tickets here quickly!
* I was gifted tickets to review the play all opinions are my own.

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