We were invited * to go see The Gruffalo’s child at New Theatre Cardiff, I was quite excited as Z loves Julia Donaldson’s books.
Off we go with his Gruffalo tshirt and his new obsession Timmy time teddies.

He was excited going in, then I’m not sure what happened next. I don’t know if he didn’t like his seats but epic meltdown. In the end we asked could we move to the back so he couldn’t kick the poor people in front. Who I apologise too, and am thankful for for trying to explain to their children that Z didn’t mean to kick their seats but he wasn’t quite like them!
When we moved to an area there was no one we didn’t have long until the show started, then he did sit. He laughed and had the room to stand and jump. I’m also thankful to the member of staff that came and asked us was Z ok, asked did he have autism, when we said yes, she had told us if he needed to move any where he was more than welcome, even told us they had a spare box available should he need it. This meant the world to both my husband and I, to not have been judged.
The show started and the Gruffalo was snoring in the cave, then we met his daughter, the Gruffalo’s child.
It was very similar to the book, the Gruffalo’s child goes on an adventure in the deep dark woods looking for the mouse meeting the animals on the way.
I personally enjoyed it. I liked the reference to stick man too! The Gruffalo’s child had a toy, the stick Man! Again another of Julia Donaldson’s stories.
For it to be aimed at children I think it could have done with a little more colour. It was very basic which is great for Z and autism as there wasn’t loads of props to be over stimulated with but it didn’t keep his attention enough as What the Ladybird Heard Live did. Z did smile and laugh when they were dancing and also, which was huge for us, he joined in the clapping whilst laughing and watching the stage. This is something he’s never done before . I know it was based in the deep dark woods and we know the woods are dark! The three actors done well to bring a much loved children’s book to the stage, couldn’t fault their singing and dancing.
It was a great show to take the children during the holidays and I think most kids would really enjoy it, getting involved with the story, more so if they are fans of the book. I think these types of shows are great if like me you’re nervous of taking a little one, but they are aimed at children so they are a little noisy. I don’t think Z stood out too much shouting.
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The Gruffalo’s child is at New Theatre until Sunday 5th August 2018 prices start from £10.50
* We were gifted our tickets in exchange for a honest review.

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