This year has flown.

In a year you’ve achieved so much, it’s hard to believe this time last year you were still in nappies for bed and we had more accidents with poo than we made on the toilet.

This time last year you wouldn’t really say anything, and you wouldn’t read aloud for anyone except yourself.

In a year you made yourself a friend, she may be your teacher but to you she’s your friend, she’s always at school, she’s helped you to find your voice, she calms you and dresses you after you strip.

You’ve also come along with your respite worker, you may give her a run for her money some days but you sure know how to turn her around your little finger! You’ve learned to go to soft play, swimming the library and McDonald’s, you’ve learned to wait for your food, a small small step for independence. Something last year you’d never have done.

This last year I’ve seen you try things I didn’t think you would, from trying to taste a few new foods to playing alongside a child.

You have so much to deal with on a daily basis but you do it, sometimes it all gets too much for you and you explode. You still don’t sleep and this last few weeks have been torture but I have to remember this is a phase this is you resetting possibly learning a new skill.

You’ve made huge progress in so many areas, I get you off the school bus and most of the time you now take your self into school.

Today the school rang me, you’d been marked by another child for fighting, I’m not sure if I should be gutted that you’ve been fighting or proud that you’re learning to stand up for yourself. I suppose either way it’s progress.

It’s still hard to believe that 7 years ago I was on my way to hospital and didn’t have a clue what to expect, if on that day they had given me a parenting manual you would have been the one that the instructions were missing !

Here’s to the last day of you being six, I am hoping that seven brings some sleep alongside a little more speech.

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