It’s now a full day after folly farm and I am calm enough to write about loosing Z. 
I mentioned  it here, we were all in the big indoor play area. Z and E were running about, Luckily It was much quieter than the last time, but still busy enough to loose him. It’s very high, a few levels to run about and multiply exits. So I went first, then it was the husbands turn, they were going up and down the slide. 

When he came to say I can’t find Z, I didn’t panic, ok, it’s a huge room but a few times you think, I’ve lost him coz you take your eyes off him for seconds. Ask because there was around six of us looking for him it didn’t seem as bad. Two minutes later I knew he wasn’t in that room, I did panic. My original thought was penguins. He loves those penguins and wanted in the water. 
When my husband said, we were going down the slide and he just ran that way, I thought he was coming back to you. That’s when I thought ok, he’s had enough he’s headed to the car park, check the fair. My sister ran that way, I ran to the penguins. My gut said he was in the fair, but I had to check the water first. The fair was busy, if he tried getting on a ride someone would know he was missing. If I hadn’t checked the penguins and he was at the bottom of the water that would have been minutes lost. 
When you get out of the room you can see the penguins there was no one there. So I ran, I checked the top, those penguins didn’t seem so cute at this time. The fear was building up of him at the bottom of the water. Even though you can kind of see the bottom I couldn’t just leave I had to look through the glass. 
On my way back I heard my sister shout, was expecting is he there, instead I had I’ve got him. 
He had made his way to the fair, and when my sister said I won’t tell you how fair, I’m guessing it was more towards the out. 
Z won’t wear the bracelet around his arm to say my phone number. His other jacket I can attach it through the zip, with *autism* written on it and my number. I have never lost him before so why would we today when there were more of us? 
He wasn’t lost, he knew where he was going and what he wanted. But what if he had made his way out? If that lady hadn’t been keeping an eye on him? Yes he may go with someone I don’t know. 
He hasn’t got that awareness that other four year olds have got, if they can’t see Mam they’ll shout or cry, panic will set in, not for Z. If someone picked him up, and tried to ask him his name, he wouldn’t reply, he wouldn’t be able to say my name, or where the last place he had come from. That’s the scariest part of all. The knowing he would be out there, maybe taken with the staff to try and find us and he wouldn’t know he was misssing. 
My husband wouldn’t leave him out of his site, he was on his back straight away. It was a lesson we all learned, he’s fast, very fast. Think I’m going to look into a gps tracker! If it has numbers on it he may keep it on? 

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