I’ll start by saying thank heavens for Friday?!?
Secondly, Z’s portage worker is the best and again was right! I need to start listening when she says things will be ok. Z had his visit today, and of course nervous J came out to play! I think I had every right to be nervous. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, I must have known S wouldn’t tell me it would be ok if it wasn’t as I still have all my nails, his peads appointment I bit most of them. So yea, go me!
She was here just over an hour I would say, asked me lots of questions, observed Z, tried getting him to interact with her. He was having none of it. He tipped all his toys up, scattered them all over the floor, just ran about, span around, used me as a human climbing frame, well come on that’s what mams are for. She was lovely. Asked for my input what I think are in Z’s best interests.
School, now this is what set me off last time, I think. I’m still not sure of my panic, was that what it was? Or for what reason it came about. But that’s been put back. I’m over it, I’m at the place I need to be now. I’m sure it will pop back along at some point in the future. But I’ll be ready.
I did question at one point in putting him in mainstream and see how he got on. Then I was scared that coz he’s already in education he’ll be lost, when he needs the help it won’t be there. I think up until the beginning of the week I was still maybe 40/60 on schooling, edging closer to the special needs school. After meeting with N’s son and listening to her chat about him, I knew what I needed to do for Z.
See, there’s fate again, crossing paths with these people many times and not knowing, not knowing that in some way or another they are actually helping you, and I’ll be forever grateful for taking the time to introduce me, and giving me that little glance at what my future could be like. That’s why I believe our paths never crossed before. Deep!
So if you havn’t worked that out, I’m sending Z to the local special needs school. Possibly as early as January. Yes, that will take a bit of getting used to for me, as I was keeping him as he was! That means he gets to stay the same as he is until Christmas. When I say it like that it’s not that long away.
I’d say all went well, we’re finally going forwards, ok, I’m not going to lie I’m terrified now that I won’t know any parents at the school, whereas in mainstream I knew loads. Big girl pants on and do it for Z.
It’s vodka Friday, I have no vodka so a sneaky archers whilst I wait for J to come collect me. It could be a messy evening, I have to be on best behaviour as I’m working tomorrow! A full long day at the one direction concert, see I have many talents!
Enjoy your Friday, what ever sneaky little tipple you have to drink! x

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