Yes, half term is over, after two weeks of disruption were finally back on track. After Friday night and the issue of next doors dogs howling, waking Z at 9 and him not going back to sleep until 12.45, I thought Saturday was going to be bad! He fell asleep at 3.15, we had a Halloween party so I woke him at 4.30 he was ok, idiots lighting fireworks at 9 and he was still up. Yesterday, he lasted till 6.30 fell asleep watching his iPad and eating pizza, he slept till 6.45 this morning. What a result! He knows it’s back to normal too! 
He even gave the pooches some breakfast! 
First thing on a Monday, portage, in all fairness Z did ok, not his best, but not his worst either. 
School came up. If I had chosen to send Z to mainstream today he would have started. When I dropped all the kids off I did think I should be taking Z in now. I let it in and processed it, and thought if he was starting here there loads of people I know, where would be the fun in starting a new chapter of our lives if we already know most people! So yes, I very quickly was relived he wasn’t going to school today! It gives me a few more weeks of soft play and swimming with J and E, a few more weeks of portage play and a few more weeks of keeping Z. Plus deep down I know he isn’t ready for mainstream and it would just knock all the progress he’s made. 
They said he done well in Creche too, not bad as he’s not been in two weeks. I’m really hoping he’s going to like school. 
He’s been good today, this morning waiting for S he had a bit of a eeekkkk I’m dumping him in the garden moment, he’s just being that typical toddler and tempers! He’s learnt that all toys can be tipped up and thrown all around the floor, so after removing loads ( yes I did try to keep it tidy!) he decided that the minions can be put in a nice line. 
Here’s to a good week ahead, possibly lots more sounds and the odd few words, ok maybe hoping for too much!  

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