Yesterday was the day we had all been waiting for, the day that had been dotted down for weeks, 28 March. 

 We all met at spoons around one,  one drink quickly turned into two, two into three. A chicken burger to keep me going onto the jugs. By around four some of us were getting very tiddly. 

The drinking games started, the shots appeared, we were that loud group laughing in the middle of the pub. The drunker people got the louder we got. By  six o’clock we had lost two, F and T caught the bus home for their curry that their darling husbands were cooking them. The seven of us went to the next bar. 

No place to sit here we had one quick vodka and on to the next, we needed seats by this time! The next bar was quiet, and old 90’s music made us no longer need them seats it was dancing time. We bid farewell to L next and around fifteen minutes later we hug goodbye to A. They were starting to drop like flys, by eight o’clock S had danced off home with her husband. There were four of us left! 

We braced the elements and walked to the next bar, J didn’t finish her drink but was leaving, at least this time she didn’t fall. 

So there were just K, J and myself left, quick stop for some chips at the kebab shop and again walked  in the howling Wind and rain to the other end of town. Think we realised our mistake when this side was really quiet, yea, it was only nine o’clock! So , two drinks to finish off the day , taxi and home to bed. 

Just some random sayings that made us all giggle. 

  1. Wednesday comes after Sunday. L 
  2. That looks like J (as I’m coming out of the toilet and L is going in) oh it is J. L 
  3. J I’m professional. K what job do you do? J  I work in the hospital, K  * insert hospital name here* ? J yea the big one up there. (We only have one hospital nearby )
  4. Two fingers f**k I just downed half a glass of wine ! L 
  5. I’m Gavin from the blackouts auntie. S

And that is why I’m guessing L is dying today?! 

All in all had a great day, thanks for coming along and making me laugh, I haven’t laughed like that in ages. Quite pleased I don’t have a headache either. Now just for more coffee as the clocks going foreward have made me tired! 

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