When you hear on the news people have been run over, police officers stabbed all a few hours away. 
It was shocking when it was Paris, Berlin, and everywhere else that bombs have gone off, but they were across the water a long way away! 
London there really isn’t any water in the way, people travel to London for work, for shows and even for days out. 
Of course now would be the best time to go, security will be much higher, armed police will be out in force, but will anyone feel safe? 
How do you explain it to children? The simple way there are nasty people about. 
Listen to the media and straight away the word Muslim is mentioned, it’s a sad society a sad fact of life.  If not seen any more, I’m not sure how many have sadly lost their lives earlier it was one. Is the attacked dead? 
I was brought up a catholic, in a catholic school the only religion we learnt was the catholic faith, when I was older I worked for a Muslim family, two families. There were quite a lot of similarities in the two faiths. I remember then the London bus bombings, the little girl, who was five said to me, there are good and bad people, some bad people are Muslim but not all Muslim people are bad, I’m not bad. This was a five year old. I was made to feel welcome in their home. They were my friends. 
I’ll be honest I’m not sure where this post is going, I’ve read some real nasty comments on news channels tonight, ‘send them all home’ being a firm favourite. Others including, if they are not white they shouldn’t be in this country.                           In an ideal world no one would emigrate, ( not one religion could be blamed!) there would be no wars, no internet ( so if there was a small fight no one else would know and get involved!) no planes to get anywhere quickly, no hatred. But we don’t live in an ideal world. 
So here’s a question for those people who are saying send them all home if they are not white. ( Even though most people have been born here and it is their home) 
How many of those emergency service people  are not white? How many of those doctors are Muslim? 
Without them people, there would be more fatalities today. Without that black first aider, or that Chinese nurse or that Muslim doctor, people would have died. 
Will you refuse treatment next time you are at the doctors if the doctor isn’t white? Will you say oh you don’t belong here I don’t want you to treat me and make me better, maybe even save my life? No didn’t think so. 
As a parent it’s my duty to bring up my child to accept everyone, just like I was brought up. Regardless of the persons colour or religion, my best friend could have been purple with orange spots and a Christian, but as a child all I would have seen is another child to play with. As an adult as long as that person is nice to me I don’t care what they look like or who they pray too they would be classed as my friend. If I’m in hospital or my son is in hospital I don’t care who treats us as long as they do! 
It’s not time to fight against each other it’s time to stand together and fight the terrorists together. 

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