So my best mate who I’ve known since 11 finally got married last Saturday.  
I was asked to be bridesmaid, but with me not knowing how Z would react, the fact I hate dressing up and to save her money we came to the agreement I’d just go as a guest! I’m glad 9 months ago I said a guest would be fine. I missed the hen party due to antibiotics and feeling like crap after surgery. I couldn’t even drink at the wedding because I was still in antibiotics 4 weeks after surgery. 
When we went into the church and seen her wave from out side, other than look terrified, she looked great. I’m not one to say how nice wedding dresses are, I had mine £29.99 maxi dress in Tesco! I don’t do dress up, it’s not me, but her dress was a nice wedding dress.  

The morning started off a disaster, I was bloated and everything I tried on I looked like a baby beach whale gasping for air on the sand. Add into the fact that the dressing I have to wear is a fat foam thing it can be seen through most clothes, as I was getting reactions from the others. So thought I’ll paint my nails black and maybe I’ll even add a star or two, to make it look like I actually made an effort! I went to do something and snapped  two. Just painted my thumb nail and the phone rings, before Z could get upset, I got up, tipped the nail polish and forgot I had a wet nail whilst trying to catch the polish, it splashes all over my yellow bag. I could have given up and gone back to bed! Heads to the church and forgot to change my white driving shoes so a quick run back! 
In all fairness Z looked lush! When your taking a little cutie no one looks at the parents! He was very well behaved too. He done me proud in the strange church and  the venue. At one point he ran and G had to run after him before he ended up with the newly weds! 

 In all fairness she  worked hard decorating the room, even managed to get her gothic style top table, she did always say she would get married in black! 

Bit of drama at the reception where mother of the bride ended up at a&e but that’s a different story and not really mine to tell! Make a quick recovery L! 
The first dance was lovely and at the second surprise one I even had a go at the photography, I am confident out of god knows how many I took she’ll be able to save one! But I’m guessing I’ll be told keep to my day job! 
So Mrs LJ H oh, Mrs LJ H, wow all this time I never thought you’d never do it, never thought you’d get him even in a church! 
Was a lovely day, I know your dad would have been so proud of you, he would have sat there with a huge grin on his face the whole time, ( may even have fallen asleep towards the end of the night 😉) then he would have told everyone who would listen that that’s his daughter right there. 
So here’s to many more years together as Mrs LJ H! At least now when he’s doing your head in you know there’s always one Christmas gift you can get…. divorce papers! 

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