I started writing this post last night when I couldn’t sleep. 
Thinking, as I’m laying in bed not sleeping, thinking about Z starting school, listening to him snore, the hubby snoring and I’m just laying here thinking. To believe four years ago I was laying here thinking too. It was when I was to start my ivf journey. What if it didn’t work, what if there were no eggs, what if there were twins, what if I couldn’t do it. Now the thoughts are how have four years gone so fast? Where have the four years gone? In four years we’ve lost family members, G’s dad being a main one, we’ve moved on from certain people, people who I’d share my worrying thoughts and excitement over Ivf no longer part of our lives. In four short years so much have changed. In four short years I’ve also made some incredible friends, met some wonderful people and laughed. 
The next four years, I wonder what these will bring, I know there’ll be niece or nephew as that’s this year, in sure then my sister is going to be in my ‘thinking’ posistion! 
Today, ( yes this is when I’m finishing my post off) G woke Z up going off to work so we’ve been up since around 6.15, my living room looks like we’ve had a play date with at least five children, nope it’s only Z! 
So in four hours, Z will be on his way to school. His first day at big school. This time last year when we were waiting on portage and unsure what that was going to be like, now it’s school. No Creche where he was one of the big children , he’s now one of the youngest, some children at his school are 19 so big people. Right, he’s not going to have anything to do with the big people. 
Now what do we do for these four hours. I know he’s staying in his pjs, no place to go I’m not even going to get him dressed! 

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