I’m not a huge Michael Jackson fan and the first time it was shown at The New Theatre Cardiff I declined going as we had a little snow, ok that little bit of snow turned into lots and lots of snow and the showing got cancelled. So when I was asked * again I thought why not! I’m really glad I went because what a show!
That was the stage that’s what they worked with and they were amazing. From the moment they came on stage you could see these guys were top performers, both singers and dancers, the show has come directly from the West End and is currently in its 9th year.

The show has four main vocalists who took in turns to sing. Each one had an amazing voice, and to be fair even sounded and looked like MJ himself!
There was a pretty impressive amount of songs sang ( 37 in total!) and it was more like being in a concert than the theatre, from the lighting to the live band and the dancers.
As I said I’m not a huge MJ fan I remember as a kid my cousin loved him and some songs took me back to my childhood, there were some I knew but didn’t even realise they were sung by Michael Jackson!
This wasn’t really MJ’s story which maybe I was expecting, so I don’t know anything about him that I didn’t already know other than a few songs!
I think after seeing people whinge it was cancelled during the snow I was expecting a full house and was actually a little disappointed to see seats empty.
If you are a Michael Jackson fan you really need to book a ticket you won’t be disappointed! From your classic ‘ABC’ to one of his newest one ‘This Place Hotel and even my favourite song ‘Earth Song’ and of course his hits like ‘Billie Jean’ , ‘Man in The Mirror’ ‘Bad’ and ‘Black or white’ were all sung brilliantly, from the lights on the stage, to seeing those doors slide open and see the band performing live they may even have put on a great show without the dancers!
The dancers though wow, they could move! From fighting to flirting all in dance, from acrobatics, hip hop and breakdancing there wasn’t anything they couldn’t do, they did actually make the show much more entertaining!
I’m guessing if you are a MJ fan you would have already gotten your tickets and if like me you’re not really an avid fan I’d recommend getting some tickets, you’ll never see the main man himself but to be fair when these guys start singing and dancing you’ll really doubt if it’s actually him.
Thriller Live is running at New Theatre Cardiff from Monday 23rd July to Saturday 28th July and prices start from £19.50 and you can book tickets here.
* I was gifted my tickets in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own.

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