It’s been a while since I went to weigh in, between Easter and the holidays. I’ve still been taking measurements and I hate to say but I’ve stayed the same. A bit gutted as that means I’ve not lost anything!
Weigh in and I had put on 1lb. So that’s it, it means I take today as my starting weight, and give myself a goal for next week.  
My fitness pal I’ve loaded back up. I’ve started the couch to 5k too. Only in week one but it’s a start! Needed to do day 3 tonight but with Z being awake from 12.45-3.50 this morning, then chasing him around the pool for an hour I’m exhausted and waiting for bed time! Is 8.30 really too early to go to bed? 
Think tomorrow being vodka Friday and not having a vodka Friday for a few weeks I’ll be walking up! Maybe I’ll be leaving at 4 to get there for 6! 
I really do need to do it now this wedding is getting closer and closer! Eeekkk

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