After last weeks 1/2lb gain after all that walking, I increased my steps this week. I had a little bit of healthy competition with a few fit bit friends over the weekend, seeing others getting in more steps makes you wanna walk more! So been joining in with two this week, well one I’m bottom of the group and one half way, I’m up to 40,741 at the moment, since Monday so I’m averaging around 10 thousand steps a day. That’s really earning them. This morning me and the pooch were lapping the lake before 9. 
So, anyway, I didn’t think I had lost any weight, I’m keeping track of measurements at home, off my waist I lost 1 inch, 1 inch off my thigh and 1/2 off my calf.  2. 5 inches this week along with 2.5 last week that’s 5 inches. Last week I gained 1/2lb, this week I’ve lost that 1/2. Yuppie! Now back at my starting weight but 5 inches lost. I’m happy with that, I don’t really care if my weight don’t go down as long as I loose the inches, and I can see I’ve lost it. Here’s to next week, more walks, with the lighter evenings, back at work, always get in at least another thousand steps! 

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