I took Z into a chemist this morning, mistake one,I walked him,  mistake two he’d never been in there before. So, after not wanting to enter, I had to carry him in, I needed my prescription! I let him lay on the floor and cry. I couldn’t hold him and comfort him he didn’t want it.  
 To the lady, thanks for taking the time to talk to me, thanks for taking the time to listen to me and take interest in what I had said. She also noticed Z doing the same ‘swimming’ actions. She didn’t judge, she didn’t judge Z crying, she didn’t judge me not picking him up or didn’t judge for me just letting him cry it out in effect. As she was leaving, she said something along the lines of, ‘ keep doing what your doing , your a fab mother.’ Thanks it actually made my day. 
 To the lady standing behind me with a pushchair, don’t stare it’s not nice! Your baby will grow into a toddler, and toddlers all toddlers not just autistic toddlers have tantrums! I’ve seen my mates kids have tantrums, so good luck, I hope your kid has a full blown tantrum somewhere exceptionally busy! 
 I got Z out by giving him a lolly, yes, toddlers and lollys, but the crunching of it calmed him down enough that I could actually pick him up off the floor!  

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