We were invited to my cousins little girls first birthday party today. It was very busy, J and E had an invite too, as E is always swimming with Z. So here we go, he spent most of the time on the floor. 
He’d come back a round and then lose it again, we managed an hour, he did have a little play too. Let him run around the park, but he wanted to go on the swing and it was being used by big kids, so he kept flinging himself to the floor. Always when I have his hand, I’m scared he is going to pull his arm out of the socket the way he flings himself. I was starting to loose my patience by this point, yes, that didn’t help either but I can’t be the only parent who after an hour of cries and floor flinging finally looses patience?! So back to car it was. Getting to the car he just wanted to run and run on the grass. Try and tell him no on the grass? 
He was fine getting in the car, I never have that problem, it’s getting him out kicking and screaming! As for J, E hates getting in the car, so as Z was now like a little angel in the car it was time for E to take over! Glad we can laugh now. We both looked at each other and went coffee!  So was it a typical toddler temper or a meltdown to the whole sensory overload? Think it could well have been both. Then mixed with a bit of tiredness. 
 Z screamed going In to J’s, plus she’s changed her room around and first time for Z to be there since, so, I sat him down and gave him buttons. He came around, looked worn out, but he was fine. He even play tackled E to the floor! 
Yea, she was getting him back!!
Now it’s time for tea, then a nice early night, think it’s actually needed tonight! 

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