Right not sure who’s getting more wound up being stuck in Z or myself!
Friday…. ….day 1 ….. I hate toilet training.
Saturday … day 2 …. I still hate toilet training.
Sunday…….day 3 ……. did I say I hate toilet training?
He’s peed more times in the dogs bed than the toilet, ok not quite, most random place against his window after that’s moment when you think you’ve cracked it!
We’re kinda going on the theme of accident, toilet, accident x3, toilet x2, accident x3, and that was day 1. So 10 pees, 3 toilet everywhere else 5 dogs bed 2!
Day 2, toilet, accident, toilet, toilet accident, toilet poo! We started a little later, 6 pees, 4 made in down the toilet 1 in the dogs bed. Poo on the stairs!
Day 3 we started off on the floor, toilet, accident, toilet, accident , toilet x3 accident x2 toilet. So 11 pees, 6 of those made it down the toilet, 1 on the window 4 everywhere else!
I’m kinda seeing a pattern of we’ve doubled our toilet pees in two days. Today I was feeling like no he’s not got it, maybe I’m pushing for something that’s never going to happen. After three pees on the toilet I knew I had to keep going, looking at my results in writing I’m going in to day 4!
The accidents more so happen when I take my eye off him for that second, or once I didn’t quite realise the time and missed the toilet by 2 minutes, that’s when he peed, the other he was knowing he needed to go, I said Z pee? And he looked at me and peed right there, that’s my wording I changed to toilet pee after that!

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