Day I’ve lost count of toilet training…..
I think we’re on day 16 or there abouts! It’s been a long two weeks holiday.
We’ve found that if both of us are in the same room Z would rather wet himself. If I leave he’ll ask dad for ‘toilet’ for me he just runs to toilet. How it’s going to work in school tomorrow I’m unsure, but is it wrong to say he’s not my problem ?! No if he goes backwards so much I’ll be asking can I take him myself!
Yesterday we attempted drums and a visit to J, drums he stayed dry then wet at J’s twice. Brought him home and wet again.
I thought we’d kinda gone backwards.
Today he needed a wee, now he can tell and so can we, he refused to walk to the toilet, ran up the stairs and peed, he done this twice. Whilst laughing at us, I left him in his wet bottoms that he wasn’t happy about, he doesn’t mind it running down his leg, I’m guessing just in pants it drys, in bottoms it stays wet. This he doesn’t like.
Just now he’s calmly walked into bathroom saying ‘toilet’ sat on the toilet ( I quickly pulled him up and pulled down pants!) instead of waiting for me to pick him up and peed!!
Maybe just maybe we’re getting there!
We’ve not only had to teach the toilet training but awareness of when he’s needing to wee, also the requesting, and speech. From a ‘non verbal’ side of things Z not only calmly walking into the toilet is a big one at the beginning I was chuffed when he was peeing on the bathroom floor as he was in the correct room. To now actually requesting using words to say toilet is a huge achievement in itself.
Hopefully its now finally clicked, and when this is what’s expected of him at school all day every day it’ll be bye bye nappies for us during the day.

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