Z finally got them out!

When we had the outpatient appointment the dr asked me was it ethical to remove them because of how difficult it would be to get pain relief into him afterwards. I said we would try our best.

Two days of isolating after the covid test and off we head.

Again another doctor said it was unethical if we couldn’t get pain meds down him. It was going to be a rough two weeks of recovery and without pain relief he wasn’t happy removing them. At that point I nearly walked. Nearly said ok we’re not going ahead. But that little voice said no, Z has been having problems first with his ears and then tonsils for years. We were under ENT from around 3 years of age. If I walked now then we’d have to start again. So when was the last time he had tonsillitis. No idea. See he could have grown out of it. We’ve spent the last year locked away from everyone covid has stopped the flu what chance has tonsillitis got? We can’t use this last year to walk away. If I had to fight to get pain relief down Z wouldn’t it be easier at 8 than when he was older if he hadn’t grown out of it? What if his tonsils were the reason for his poor sleep patterns? The reasons for his such limited diet? Reasons we’ve requested them out. The dr said it was a 50% gamble that his tonsils were not affecting any of those things. There’s also a 50% chance that they were the reasons and as his parent I had to give him that 50% chance.

We walked up to theatre, Z got on the bed, he played with the mask and then we did have to fight a little. I knew that was coming and it never makes it any easier. I was there in recovery when he woke, but he was still a little groggy coming down to the ward. He slept for an hour or so and woke up crying. That moment of I shouldn’t have done it crossed my mind, the nurse said he’ll be in pain that’s why he’s crying. True to Z he wanted his crisps. Less than 2 hours after surgery and within 10 minutes of waking up he’d eaten 4 packets of crisps and was asking for a happy meal. I took a few snacks with him and he was getting through them quickly!

No one really sleeps in hospital. It was bright with no curtains, light from the corridor and he finally went just after 12. With obs every few hours none of us got much sleep that night! Just before the obs at 2 he got in with me, two of us trying to sleep on a chair doesn’t work! Then I managed to get him back into bed and leave him there around 3:30 ready for obs at 6, 5:45 he got up again. That was us done for the day. He wouldn’t take any medication and threw up after paracetamol like I said he would. He was saying bye bye see you later to the nurse who wanted to use a suppository so I wasn’t putting him through that. He did manage to drink a dissolved paracetamol with some squash for me and that allowed us to come home!

Z’s head with his nose in view eating a handful of cheddars laying in the hospital bed watching his phone

The drs couldn’t believe him, more so the following morning when he was bouncing around the place. The dr said his tonsils were extremely large, but his adenoids were small / medium so plenty of space to grow so left those in. I’m thinking that was his way of saying yes you done right to remove the tonsils.

Stopped at McDonald’s for him where the food didn’t touch the sides, after eating fruit winders, pop tarts and dry weetabix before we left!

Side view of Z eating a handful of McDonald’s fries watching his tablet.

Day 5 was going to be the hardest day, the day we needed those meds more than any thing. For the next few days we played with the paracetamol we mixed it we drank little drops and then it all stopped. For two days dad managed the suppository and Z was better! Day 7 I think was our hardest day, he was a little whiny trying to eat his Pringles but coming up to us touching his throat. I’d say to him hurting, and he would reply hurting. I’d ask him medicine? He’d reply medicine, looking at it taste it and spit it back out.

Then just like that he was done.

It’s been nearly three weeks, add in the Easter holidays and out of routine. He’s been amazing. His sleeping is way better. 10:30/11:30 and up at 8-9 sometimes a little later. His eating is changing very slowly, this is the first year he’s actually eaten an Easter Egg, he’s had a go, he’s back to eating twister ice cream and milky way bars. I’m hoping when he realises he’s not gagging on these foods it will open up a whole new diet for him. He’s happier in himself, he’s much more vocal. It could just be a massive coincidence but I think his tonsils had a lot to answer for.

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