I’m sure tough days are so much worse on lack of sleep.

This last week has kinda been a nightmare. Tuesday drs for an infected finger, give it 48 hours it should heal on its own.

Thursday he had a nighttime accident so have to strip and wash bedding, mine too after the tub of Pringles were tipped every where !

Friday I had to start his antibiotics for his finger, 4ml 4 x a day. Flucloxacillin I knew he wasn’t taking it. All weekend I tried, if I got 2ml down him I was winning.

The mess Z made Saturday, then it’s re making the beds before getting in, ok it’s not the end of the world but when tired and it’s every night it’s draining.

Sunday, he added a passcode onto his iPad, mmm ok not too bad I’ve just got a new laptop I’ll reset it. Nope because I’m on five devices, like really they are old old computers that I don’t even have access to. I dig out my old laptop, that wouldn’t connect to the internet and I needed to update everything. Four and a half hours later, shouting and tears I done it. Don’t ask me how.

Whilst I’m attempting that Z’s having a smashing time with 10 eggs in the kitchen, standing on the unit and dropping them one at a time. Sends him upstairs yo play with his letters as G cleans the eggs.

Let’s go to soft play, there’s a nail in the tyre so can’t go.

Z took himself to the toilet, positive right, the only problem is he don’t wipe his butt, that’s now all over my stripped bed.

Monday and school yes!

Ring the drs, change antibiotics, ring pharmacy, they’ll get them to school, ring school nurse will get them down Z! Phew.

Collects him from school, ready to meet respite,’Toilet’, says the small voice in the car. Luckily the park toilets were open but he couldn’t wait, guess who’s leg that wee went on.

10.30 and Z’s in bed, he sounds like he has 10 minutes or so until he’s sleeping, a full hour earlier than he’s been going. Maybe my plan of lavender incense worked.

Tomorrow’s a new day right, an extra hour of sleep, antibiotics that he’ll take and a week closer to half term! I’m sure if we weren’t all so sleep deprived this week would have been laughable.

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