At the beginning of lockdown, I decided to buy a tough tray.

I’ve put one off for years because I didn’t think we’d have much use of it. We’ve had our money’s worth already!

We’ve added plain flour where Z has just had fun putting his hands through it and mark making. We’ve also added plain cornflower, we’ve added oil to the corn flower and water. Cornflour and water makes what I call glup, the solid and liquid consistency.

Mixed dried rice, lentils and pasta have been used throughout, makes fun for shaking inside card and plastic, filling, pouring and measuring.

Dinos make it fun too!

Add in some dinosaurs, or tsums tsums for help with imagination play.

Shaving foam and corn flour made some ‘moon sand’, Z had more fun just squirting the shaving foam!

Even had its use for bubble water!

We’ve brought it inside to make sandcastles, we added shaving foam to the sand for some kinetic sand, and it’s collected rainwater to have our own puddles to ‘splash in!’

Number splashing fun.

We’ve used the messy materials to hide money in to sort, we’ve added gelibath to play in, mixed conditioner in with cornflour. I think we’ve covered some science, maths, English, we’ve worked on our fine motor skills, but most importantly it was play.

I’m sure there’s many more tuff tray activities out there from messy to non messy. I’m now waiting for the sun to reappear and I’ll bring out some ice cubes!

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