This week’s blog is about me visiting Caerleon with my sister in law because I was a bit unsure of going to London. I really loved Caerleon because it is pretty and friendly plus I had never been before. 
The first place we visited was The National Roman Legion Museum and it was free to go in. I picked up an activity sheet and worked through that while going around and looking at different things. There were loads of old artefacts but I didn’t have a favourite. It showed loads of different pieces of information on what it would have been like back then and there was loads to see. After we visited the museum we went for food and then we visited the Baths. 

Inside the Baths there was a little gift shop and it showed where they would have bathed. There were pretty lights everywhere and there was loads of information stated around the room. I had loads of fun there and would love to go back again.
Then we quickly visited the amphitheatre where I took loads of photos and had fun and after that we visited the ruins. I thought the ruins were amazing and really showed a lot of history.

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