Today you turn 6.

For the first time ever you’ll be closer to 10 than birth.

6, let that sink in for a while 6.

I remember 6 years ago I was worried because they were bringing you into the world early, you made a quick screaming entrance and from that moment you managed to wrap everyone you’ve met around your little finger, 6 years on nothing has changed.

If I look back, the changes are there, on the surface all you look like is you’re getting taller, up until this year you were still my giant baby, but this year you’ve grown. Ok, you may still be at that toddler stage but your understanding is getting much better. I know you know things you can’t show us, and if you could talk and have a conversation with everyone would be blown away with how clever you actually are.

There’s things you can do other 6 year olds can only dream of doing, there’s things you are bored of doing that other 6 year old haven’t attempted yet.

I can list all the things that make you not act 6, like the nappies at bed time, the odd accident you have, the awake more than a new born baby these are kinda all negative. These still make you my giant baby. You still go for the toddler toys, you can’t write your name but you can spell, you can read and you know your own mind.

I’d love to get into that little mind of yours for just a few minutes, I know you can talk, you can read any word I say to you, clear as day you can say, ‘wash your hands’ after using the toilet, same as ‘This is my brother George’, those words you can say you say clear, yet you’ll still babble away. You watch and take things in, going back to old baby toys and looking at different ways on how to play with the same toy you became bored with at 1.

Since the moment you were born you’ve taught me so much, you were so small, I had to be gentle! You’ve taught me that it is possible to go about your life and not sleep! You’ve taught me patience, ok I’ve lost it many a times at 3am! You’ve also taught me not to care what others say or do, to try and not judge that kid screaming in the shop, even though most of the time they are crying coz Mam said no! You’ve taught me not to live up to milestones, you’ll get there in your own time. You maybe a few years behind in so many things and so many years advanced in others, one day hopefully you’ll be that little more balanced.

Happy birthday buddy x

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