I can’t believe I have just two days left with Z, yes today and tomorrow, weekends don’t count, Monday is school. 
I can’t believe four years ago I was planning my maternity leave, now in two days I get to see him start school. Where the teachers will spend more time in a day with him than I will. Im lucky I get to take him to school and pick him up. 
I know this last two weeks I’ve not taken him anywhere, but at least I still get to take him to school for his first day other than pack him off with someone else. 
He’ll go with his new bags, new uniform and his pack lunch box, he’s going to love it. 
I’m sure once I get used to all that free time I’ll love it too! I’ll use the first week to try and not do much and fight off the infection I’ve caught after my surgery. I’ll use the last of the summer days to to washing and catch the last rays of sun. I know there’ll be plenty of wet days when I’ll have to clean. It will just be me and the pooch just like old times, when he gets to go for walks and have my undivided attention again! 
As soon as I’m all healed I can start swimming again, that’s my goal, if I can take Z once a week I can take myself. I’ll be out anyway. I’ll join the girls at soft play once a week for a chat. I can go shopping without having to worry if Z will kick off because he’s not been in that shop before. 
I know he’s going to be fine, he loves school, he will come on so well being there all day. The have the knowledge and skills to help him. 
Even though I have two days and tomorrow is already full of hospital appointments for myself, I think Saturday will be a day out, we’ll go somewhere, other than shopping for what Z needs for his pack lunch! That’s another thing, pack lunch with a fussy eater, suppose we can have sandwiches one day, with pizza another , cheese dippers and sausage rolls on another day, I know I can add jelly, some crisps maybe some crackers what he’ll eat and when will be a guessing game! Eventually I’m hoping they’ll get him to eat school diner so he’s trying new foods. Even if it’s once a week. 
So Z, I can’t believe your starting school, where I’ll wave you off and the teacher will take your hand and look after you all day. I know this won’t bother you, you love school, you love to play, you love to learn and school allows you to do this. I’m glad I could take you out every morning, make some wonderful memories, learn some great things, ok, there’s things I never got around to doing with you or taking you, but, I’m sure you still had fun at soft play and swimming. These last few weeks it’s as if you knew you were going to nursery, you’ve come on so well, you listen to lots more of what I say, you will go and give your friends a hug when you want to and hug them back. You’ve opened up your social circle! 
Dad took you to soft play this week while I was at the hospital you were so happy to be there! 

Giving P a cwtch

You are more aware now than you’ve ever been, you’ve become best buddies with the pooch, and have had some fun times playing with water. I’m hoping with the awareness that toilet training won’t be long, you know what your doing, school will help! You’ve given things a chance like headphones and learnt you like them. You’ve tried ‘new’ old foods again, back to sausage rolls, pop tarts  and jelly. 

Let’s make the most of the next two days, let’s go have some fun! 

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