A Saturday morning, G has to get up with Z if he’s not at my parents, I get up on a Sunday! I have a few vodkas on a Friday eve so I get the lay in! Yes, it’s fair!!
Today, we had a party, P Is 2. I needed Z to have a nap before we left, so bath and a few splash splash later it was nap time!
We woke Z just before it was time to go. I was actually really nervous taking him, as I knew it was going to be busy, most times we’ve been to the indoor play centre it’s quiet. The one time it was busy he didn’t play on anything, just ran up and down. It took him 30 minutes or so to become comfortable enough to go. He spent the first part in the corner, but he got there. He was at the top, went down the slide and on the trampoline. I was chuffed, yup, like that proud parent! He ate half a cake and some biscuits, again I’ll take that!
Part two…. 
My nan and where she lives does some charity work, they are doing one in a few weeks, this time it’s for autism. This has nothing to do with Z or myself, they decided that’s the charity they will donate too this time. They asked me would I contact the group for a little bit of advice. This is the group I’ve joined the coffee morning with. I’ve said before I’m glad I joined, what a lovely bunch of people. I got asked if I’d like to be an official volunteer, i said yes, I’ve never volunteered before, I’m excited and nervous. So when I’ve filled out the relevant paper work it will all be official.
I can still volunteer even if Z isn’t diagnosed, and I think after being where I am, if I could offer support to one other person who will be in the position I am now it will be worth it. I have an amazing group of friends, who really are there for the both of us, but the group, they’ve been there and done it, or are doing it so are there in different ways. The talk I went to this week was so interesting, I could have listened to that guy chatting for hours. I’ve said I don’t know what I want to be when I ‘grow up’, maybe this is the path I should be on, where I’ll go who knows. But I’m excited at what the next few months will bring.

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