June is over, July has began. There’s two Monday’s left of the school year, where has this year gone? When the school holidays start, I’ll be closer to having a 3 year old. How terrifying is that?!
June, I can say lt was a good month, right, we had our bad moments, and boy when they were bad they were bad, but I think we’ve learnt from those and moved forward, I can’t lie and say we done it on our own we had outside help, and if it wasn’t for those people I’d most probably still be struggling and at this point refusing to go anywhere. So, again it’s all thanks to the health visitor for actually taken me seriously this time last year, when every one else was kinda fobing me off. Can’t believe he’s been getting help for nearly a year, I’m thankful as he has come on loads in a year.
We met some lovely people in June, we’ve also met some lovely children too, when things stop in the holidays what will we do?! Maybe as its holidays we could meet for a spot of lunch with a play area for the children!
July, we don’t have so much planned, we have my husbands birthday and a charity evening to go to, and a playgroup trip to a farm, other than that I’m unsure what else will happen. I’m excited for July, excited to see what Z will achieve. He’s learning so much every day, other than sleeping in a bed, yes, he didn’t fall out at all last night! He’s also learned how to open a door. He’s making connections to things, and his awareness is starting to grow in certain things, he’s still not aware that a road and cars equal danger, then again he’s not aware of danger at all. Will make going places like the beach challenging. But, I’m not going to let that stop me from taking him. We also have a trip to the cinema booked for this month, as he loves minions that’s what we’re off to see. Should be interesting!
If we don’t have chance to get out much, we have a garden, a swing a slide, a pool and a bouncy castle, I’m sure that will keep him busy, I’m sure E will come to play too.
So to July, we are ready to see what’s in store! Bring it on….

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