First night for Z to be in his bed tonight, he learnt in the week that he could climb out of his cot. This I wasn’t impressed with, for the reason of I had to make everything real Z safe!  When one of us is upstairs it’s ok he can’t damage himself, but left to his own devices I’m not too sure. So today, after a few nights of him climbing out of bed, I took the bars down. My baby is no longer a baby. I remember 3 years ago I was emptying the room ready  to paint it. Where have those 3 years gone. 3 years later and I get woken with a small child climbing on our bed on a Sunday morning! 
  So he’s been up there since around 6, getting used to the room, playing, getting on and off the bed. Putting his blankets on and taking them all back off. 
At 8, we said good night out him in his sleeping bag, and left. Yes, I feel bad, but keeping some sort of normal as its what we’ve always done. I’ll be going to check on him in five minutes as he’s been quiet for ten United or so.
 He should be shattered, he was up at 7.30 and haven’t had a nap, another sure sign my baby is growing up. He had his first pool party today. At first he cried, could have been because he was tired or hungry, but I believe it was because he was looking for E, I don’t think in the last year he’s gone in the water without her. But he done ok, he got there, and was running around lovely! It was really good to see a group of kids all having fun. So after we came out he cried, he knew hair washing time was around the corner! Unlucky, these things have to be done!! Then it was time to carry him out kicking and screaming. He’s used to having a drink and some crisps whilst J and I have a coffee, well without J I wasn’t sitting there on my own! A happy meal calmed him down, and with the minion inside it was a good choice!! 
So, just been to check on Z and this is how I found one small child.
Using a book as a pillow!  
As this is the first night he’s actually been sleeping by 9pm I’m going to have a nice early night myself. Was out partying with J and J yesterday, we done well, 2-10.30, what a good laugh we had! I can honestly say, as I’ve said before, where would I be without J I’d have no idea! Her and E keep us sane! Well, E have made an impression on Z anyways! 

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