After a bad start to today, after only being awake what 5 minutes, Woke to a missed call and two texts, I acted a spoilt brat threw my dummy out of my very big pram, stamped my feet and didn’t make Margam Park, that being said the girls didn’t either as I’m the only one who knows the way, so sorry girls, but I’ll make it up to you. Thursday 20th August where are we off? 
 As it’s Friday, Z has gone on his sleepover at nans house, in his new bed, ( sure it’s the first night tonight….) wonder how he’ll get on! 
 I’ve came up to J’s for my glass or two of vodka, can’t have too much as have a first birthday party first and then a little tea party. 
 As I’ve not got my child with me, and E made me laugh by insisting she was walking around in wellies on the only day of pure sunshine we’ve had I’ll share her pic!  
 And just because she has to wear my shoes!   ( may need a wash…)  typical girl already. 

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