‘One of the scariest films comes to the theatre’.
When I was invited * to see Wait until dark, my first question was is it scary? I’m a whimp!
This time my Mam was lucky enough to come with me, ( Merry Christmas Mam!) plan was leave early do a little Christmas shopping first. The traffic stopped that!
I had no idea what the play was about, my Mam had seen the film so knew what the story was. All I had read was it was about a blind woman.
The story originally written by Frederick Knott (1916-2002) but was made famous by the 1967film staring Audrey Hepburn.
When I looked at the program I learned that the actor Karina Jones who played Susy, is actually registered blind. ( Was more impressed that she had been on The Bill tv and The crucible theatre, amongst others too!)
The stage was set as a basements flat in Nottingham hill gate in late September 1966, a nice clean tidy flat ( I could have stayed there in a much tidier shape than mine right now!) this is the first time I’ve seen the stage set up looking so busy.
The show starts with a guy entering the basement Mike, ( Jack Ellis) we quickly learn that he’s casing the joint, when some one else enters, Croker ( Graeme Brookes) and he hides, when he jumps out on the intruder we learn that they both know one another from prison. They are then joined by a third man, Roat, (Tim Treloar) The story explains how they are after a doll who’s full of drugs, the original lady who was looking for her is dead in the bed room Roat has killed her,asks Mike and Crocer to help find the doll.
When the owner came in Susy, we saw that she was blind, the intruders plan to include Susi to learn where the doll was hidden. One lying and saying he’s Sams old friend the other a police officer.
When Sam ( Oliver Mellor) Susi’s husband tells her he has to go for his job and then we hear about Gloria and how she moves things about so that Susi trips. When we meet Gloria we see that there’s a bit of a jealousy in regards to Susi I think.
As the play progresses so does Gloria and Susi’s relationship.
I thought the play was very good, Susi using her lack of vision to possibly prove a point of how much she relies on her other senses to work out that she was being conned and those people weren’t actually who they said they were.
She could pick up on peoples footprints, on them dusting down their fingerprints and using the kitchen blind as a pointer. She asked for Gloria’s help and made the flat into darkness, knowing that she knew the flat better than anyone in the dark, plus how much scarier the world is in the dark and sent Gloria to go get Sam and bring him back. She knew to get out safely she has to make the intruders blind too.
It got me thinking how much we rely on our eyesight and how well Karina Jones played that part.
Wait until Dark is showing at New Theatre Cardiff until November 18th evening showings 7.30 with Wednesday Thursday and Saturday Matinees starting at 2.30.
Tickets from £14.50 – £32.00 and can be purchased here.
* I was gifted the tickets for an honest review.

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