You will struggle.

Everyone struggles.

We all struggle at different things.

What you may find hard, emotionally draining, I may fly at, but something I struggle at you may sail right on by.

Remember, you’ve got this. What ever this may be.

You’ll also have someone.

Everyone has someone.

Those someone’s that just randomly turn up when you’re least expecting them.

Those someone’s that make you laugh, take you places, and make you laugh some more.

Those someone’s that has been there for so long, those someone’s who you’ve just found, and those someone’s you may not even suppose to have.

Those someone’s are also struggling at something.

I believe everyone you meet is there for a reason . Why you cross paths only you will know. Maybe it’s because you are struggling, maybe it’s because they are struggling. Maybe it’s because you need that persons help or you will help that person more than you’ll ever know. Maybe just maybe you’ll never know why you met.

Does that someone actually know how much you value them? How much they make you laugh? How much easier they make everything?

No? Well now think that someone could be you. You are someone’s someone they may not know it like you don’t.

Who says it’s just one someone? There could be many someone’s.

How many someone’s can I get into one post?!

Just because your a parent, carer, wife, husband, son, daughter your still a someone.

You are not just a mother, father or carer you are someone! Try not to forget that.


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