We as parents all try our best, what works for one child may not work for another, and the same goes for us as parents.
Z and I joined a few children last night for kids fit, Z really enjoyed himself , same went for all the other children, they ran around, they all had smiles on their faces at some point during that hour. I think Z may have been the youngest there, I’ve not been on my journey as long as some of these parents, so for me it was also going into the unexpected. When you read things about autism, and non verbal, or you see  children, running around flapping arms making noises, that’s just what you see. I maybe out of place here, but think that’s how I’ve always seen it. Maybe fear? Is that the correct word? Scared? I do not know these children, these children that run around, screech, and flap arms. Last night was an eye opener to me too. You can read all about it, but to actually be in a room maybe the words hitting home sink in? The one little boy, I hope his mam don’t mind me mentioning him, he was older. No talking. Too see how happy he was running about, playing, was worth going. You can see little children, and it’s not that so much different from a creche, they all develop at different stages. Last night I was so impressed with this boys listening, well, I’m  writing about it! If Z listens just half as good as him I will know I have done something right as a parent. He was a pleasure to meet. So it is proof that just because the word autistic is used doesn’t mean naughty. A few people I’ve spoken to have all asked me is Z naughty. Why does naughty and autism go together? Go see this kid and see him listen to his mother! Bet he’s better behaved than most kids of his age!
I mentioned it to N in a text, and she said her son is also well behaved, so there is light at the end of the tunnel, yes, I may have hit the tantrums and the crazy wild animal side, but, I think this is just a toddler phase, he’ll grow out of, ( hopefully!) watching a boy in soft play today do exactly the same thing as Z does was a relief? He is still a typical toddler!
So, when we as parents try what we believe is the correct approach, we may have it wrong, we may need to try a different way, but we can’t all be the same. We can’t all do things the same way.

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