Happy birthday to my blog! 
What started out as something more of an online diary has become my baby! 
I’ve met some great people who’s helped me get to where I am. They’ve re tweeted, they’ve shared, they’ve comented and they’ve shared their ideas and listened. So a huge thank you ladies most of you know who you are! Without our little group I’d be still stuck, even though I’ve only met them once it feels like I’ve known them years. Hopefully can meet them all again this year.
I’m hoping I can continue blogging for another year, it’s good to look back at the ups and downs of the last year. Somethings are just faded memories, others are still raw in my mind! I’ve seen so much progress in Z, it’s good I’ve noted most of it down. 
When I started this there were people I was close to, now some have gone. Some we don’t see and some we are still as close as ever! 
In the last year, we’ve had deaths, we’ve had babies, two mates had two little boys, one towards the middle of the year one at the end, baby J and baby T! 
I know this next few months there’s going to be at least another two babies. One being my niece or nephew. That’s coming any time now. Gifts are wrapped, just sitting waiting! Come on baby! 
We’ve left places behind, we’ve left people behind, we’ve gone new places and met new people.
This next few months there’s a few things coming up, we have the baby, we have Easter, the purple ball,  the sponsored walk, birthdays and outings. 
So much to look forward to, there’s so many places to visit, more so with Z taking more notice of things. Know when your child hits eighteen months and you can’t wait to go places to show them things and let them explore, well this is Z now. Summer is going to be fun. 
So, here’s to the next year of blogging, here’s to having another year of fun, another year of making some wonderful memories and writing them all down! 

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