It’s that time to say good bye, we’ve made it through the first year at school. Am I sad of course I am! My little guy is getting bigger each day and to finish nursery is just another reminder how big he’s getting, how he’s nearly 5, 5 is halfway to 10. 
I’m guessing Z has had a fun year, he’s always wanted to come to school and I can’t wait until he’s older to tell him about his first teacher as I’m sure it’s his first crush, can a 4 year old have an unknown crush?! 
It’s goodbye to some of you ( and yes of course I’m going to miss you!! Who will I annoy now?) hopefully we’ll cross paths again, maybe even next year.  HAHAHAHA unlucky you’re stuck with us to some and a big welcome to others. 
Z has learnt loads, he’s come home covered in paint, glitter and dirt, he’s come home without his shoes, ( ok nearly came home without them!) he’s brought home a plant, that I’ve watered and nothing happened  so I’m guessing you actually sent home dirt! I bet that was the one who brings him to the bus, just to get her own back?! He’s come home with pictures and photos of his day but most importantly he’s come home 95% of the time with a smile, or was  that the teacher bringing him out I’m not quite sure! 
Here’s to the new term, new teachers, new classmates and a new year. We will be ok I’m sure of it. It may take a little bit of adjusting more so with me than with Z! 
The last day of term, I’m off out, if I see any of you out and about I’ll buy you a shot, I’m good like that.
So wipe away your tears, I know your already crying, and so pop up to spoons for a swift pint! 

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