First week complete.

Honestly, I was expecting at least a few phone calls about his behaviour. After nearly six months of no school, and a whole new set up, I’ll admit I was worried.

Sunday night and all week we’d used the word school, we were putting it out there, and had to wake him Monday morning. He seemed really happy and excited to be back. The teacher said he was fine. Tuesday morning was 3:30am start, was this excitement or nerves. The rest of the week he’s slept 11-6:30 which is amazing.

Apart from one evening when he was a little upset and upset in the morning getting on the bus he’s done well, he’s been happy, singing lots and generally in a much happier mood.

Now is that back to school or a few hours of extra sleep a night?! I’m hoping it’s school.

I’ve started as I mean to go on with his pack lunch too and have been putting foods in that he used to eat and haven’t throughout lockdown, the best part is he’s trying them in school! It may only be a few bites go some but that’s amazing news to me.

He was a little upset and saying the names of his old class mates so his teacher sent home a list of the children’s first names, we were saying oh Z’s class with ….. and he’s been smiling so hopefully he’ll make a friend!

His teacher has kept me up to date all week and Z seems happy catching her hand coming back to the bus. I know when he takes to people he’s ok, but building that trust up to who he likes can take time, here’s to a new bond and a willing to show what he can do.

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