Week one of school complete!

Ok yes I know we only done two days but week one is still over.

Hopefully as it’s a long term Z will settle, Wednesday evening he had heard us mention school I think and was up last night he was crying at 12, still in his bed, I saw 1,2 and 3,4 am he had ran into spare room and I just left him 8.10 I was waking him up and he was ok the floor fast asleep.

He looked tired coming out of school today, he could have had a nice hour in the hot tub tonight If he’d not poo’d in it last night before bed.

As it is he a little wound. We’ve started up stairs at 8, with mouk on the tv, 9pm it’s Timmy time, we’ve been working on Timmy time bed time for a good few weeks, so far it’s working. We’ve had the bouncing about, the jumping the hysterical giggling, the singing, the alphabet and now calm and yawns . Hopefully asleep by 10 -10.15 and will stay there all night.

His teacher did say he’s had a good two days, which is good. I’m glad he’s settled, more so after seeing him a little weary yesterday morning on the first day back. This morning he was fine getting of the bus.

We only have seven more weeks to get through!

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