First week of school went well. Z couldn’t wait to get in when he saw where we were going. He did fall asleep on the way there but was fine going in. 
He’s always smiling coming out, walking out with the teacher. On Friday they had to carry him out as he was fast asleep that’s what a full week of afternoons do to a 3 year old!
On Thursday it was J’s birthday, so vodka Friday was a birthday drink night. It’s now Saturday afternoon and J is still feeling the effects of vodka. I’m finding it quite funny as normally its me who’s the one that feels the effects of vodka. Today I’m fine. 
Maybe, because I had the hospital at 11.30, to be fair I was in and out. Do need to have my gallbladder out, ok hoping it’s going to be in the six weeks holidays when I’ve not got to worry about getting Z to school. 
Here’s to next week. Hopefully some snow may even be heading our way! 

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