Part of my New Years resolution was to produce less plastic waste.
Maybe last year I was a little conscious of this as I bought a stainless steel reusable bottle for myself, I very rarely bought a bag and would just put the shopping in the boot of my car, family and friends said it was laziness, now I know it was my conscious! I also changed to re usable sanitary products after suffering another reaction to a brand I thought I was fine using. I started swimming and for more room I bought a shampoo bar, I’ve not bought a bottle of shampoo since September. I also got Z on bath bombs instead of bubble bath. If I have been out for a drink I have refused a straw. I have been using a cloth wipe for Z’s nose and he constantly has a runny nose! So for a few months I’ve been using less plastic than I was.
This year I’ve upped my less plastic mission.
So the first week of January I’m quite pleased with smaller choices I’ve made. I bought some reusable kitchen roll, alongside some sponges for cleaning. Shopping I’ve bought my sauces in glass bottles instead of the plastic ones, when I finish the ketchup that will be in glass too. I bought glass bottles of lemonade and got Z a new stainless steel bottle, now to get him to drink from it! I’ve also ordered him a tin lunch box so when his plastic one breaks I won’t buy another. ( they are all cheaper this time of year as it’s not something people need in January!) I’m trying dry deodorant and miswak for my teeth. When I went and got my fruit I choose some that wasn’t in plastic and didn’t put it in a plastic bag either, 10 mushrooms later! I’ve bought a bar of soap, and must remember to take my cup with me, along with my bags.
I’ve also attempted to cut down on my meat so have tried to substitute things for vegetarian meals instead. So far I’m doing ok! I can’t give up my fish and eggs yet so won’t be vegan! I have changed my cheese and milk for vegan and soya but that was due to allergies, but now I can’t go back!

Yes, I have a long way to go, but one step and one month at a time right?
I love the fact that chatting away to my mates some think I’m crazy but one actually bought me some paper straws to go out with! How cool is that!
Can’t wait to come back in a few weeks and show you how much plastic I’m not using any more!

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