Ok we’ve started on Good Friday and worked with Z for the two weeks. We didn’t venture too far because yes there was accidents. Of course training Z isn’t like your typical child, we’re training more than one skill, requesting or using words being a huge one.
Monday and off he went to school in pants.
I rang to check up on him he was going ok.
Two accidents, now two accidents I was so pleased with, he came home and we continued until around 6 where we put pjs on with a nappy, night time toilet training isn’t something I’m starting just yet. ( maybe the six weeks holidays where I can get a little sleep back!) anyways day two and only one accident . Both of these being at circle time.
As he was doing so well even requesting to pee pee toilet, they allowed him to swim on Wednesday. Wednesday no accident. That was the same for Thursday and Friday. Yup not a single accident, he may have come out in different clothes than he went in but we’re still working on making the pee go down the toilet and not everywhere else whilst sitting in the toilet!
He’s come on so much, on Thursday we went to the beach, he fell asleep in the car and still stayed dry. That was the first place we attempted that was so far.
Today we went to sports where he used the toilet in the centre, drumshe stayed dry, we went shopping and he stayed dry. I hope and pray that this means we have it. Z is toilet trained. Last night he went running from the garden I shouts where you going Z to what sounded like pee, when I got there he was already wet but in the bathroom. We still have to work on pulling bottoms down and tempting to sit on the toilet at home but he’s taking himself in school and sitting on the toilet.
In three short weeks he’s done amazing. I’m so proud of him. How he’s learnt to control, to head to the right room and to request to go. Now the places we can go hopefully are endless!

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