This week I wasn’t expecting much as I didn’t get anything done last week having a cold and cough. The cold was nothing serious the cough was just keeping me awake most of the night, so come 4pm the last thing I wanted was to go walking in the rain. 
Didn’t hit my target on my steps either, had a real lazy week. I didn’t eat any more, kept to my calorie intake. 
I didn’t loose any inches anywhere, didn’t gain any either! 
But, I put back on the 2lb I lost last week. It’s a bit gutting as this week I’ve been on my bike each night, but I know this weeks weigh in is from last weeks efforts. 
Just have to to put last weeks lazy week behind me, knowing I’ve already done four days on my bike instead of walking. Hubbys working and it’s too cold for Z to be sitting in the pram doing laps of the lake. 
Tomorrow think I’ll walk to J’s for my well earned vodka! 

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