Last week I was told one of my best mates is due to get married next year, looking at around May time, she wants me to be bridesmaid, me in a dress, the first and last dress I wore was on my wedding day, and that was a maxi dress from tesco! So the decision to loose this weight was made for me. I was going well last year, well, up until May this year, then from May to August, with the not knowing with Z, poor weather outside and being lazy ( can I just blame the stress?!) I put on the 7lb or more I had worked hard to loose. 
Now is time. I will store all my food eaten in my fitness pal, as that worked well for me last time. I will up my steps with my fit bit to get eight thousand steps in a day, and I want to ride my bike for five minutes a day for the first week. I know five minutes isn’t to long but five minutes is better than not riding it at all. I am then joining Zumba, hopefully I can do that twice a week. 
I’m hoping that I’ll walk to J’s for vodka Friday, oh I didn’t say I’d stop the vodka Friday I’ll just walk up in order for me to have the spare calories! Middle of September I would like to walk up pen y fan again, I will time this and give my self six months and do it again. I have to complete my previous time then. Hopefully I’ll be a stone lighter and a little fitter! 
I started with noting my weight down yesterday, but for my blog journey I will keep it for a Tuesday. So here it goes, I can do this, I have to tell myself I can do it. I need to do it. ( always said I never wanted to be the fat mam at sports days who couldn’t join in the parents race! So with Z possibly being at school for the summer I need to be able to run more than two seconds without thinking I’m going pass out). 
 So here it goes! Wish me luck as I may need all the luck in the world!! 

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