It’s a little strange sitting here think of what next. Normally Z would be into the summer term, I’d be starting to worry about loosing his teacher and who he’d be getting in September.

Maybe, changing teachers three weeks before we finished was good, I didn’t have chance to get to know his new teacher, chances of him having her next year I’m guessing will be slim as if she stays with the class I’m hoping they’ll be doing something with him, and if they move the teacher chances Z goes to are slim. So who knows who he will have!

I’m a little worried because it’s a long time out of school, he is missing the social side of it I think, maybe not the actual approach to learning but his friends and teachers.

I’ve tried to teach, it’s quite hard as it’s home, even though he’s happier at home he can’t be learning much. If we were out and about and I still had to teach them we’d start with money and paying for things, a little walk to the shop and getting to grips with money that way, it’s a little hard to play ‘shop’ as he’s not interested,

I think during the last six weeks we’ve tried, we’ve had some messy play, we’ve done some experiments, he’s had hot tub time and he’s played. I think were doing ok for now

We’ve lost two iPads and a camera, we’ve had a few meltdowns but we’ve had more sleep overall which is good. Now if he can learn to use a fire stick or any remote so we would know what he wanted to watch would be great!

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