We’d never been here before so decided to give it ago, I was a little gutted after I’d booked to find that I could have used my Tesco clubcard vouchers !

Off we set with not knowing what to expect after our 4am wake up.. I just just knew there were animals and rides. Not even ten minutes into the journey and Z was fast asleep.

We got there easily enough and decided to go in search of the rides before safari let Z and E run about a bit first.

We passed the penguins on the way in, they did have quite a big viewing window so Z didn’t take up all the space!

I really wasn’t expecting the dinosaur part or the ice age part. If you have a dinosaur fan then it’s a must I’s say. Z walked around and took notice of everything he may have walked a lot quicker than most, but that’s autism I’m guessing he doesn’t need as much time as everyone else!

A lot of the animals more so the dinosaurs actually moved and made sounds which was quite impressive!

We then stopped by the aviary where you can purchase some nectar to feed the birds. We didn’t stay in for long as a bird landed on J’s head! She doesn’t do flying things, so this was quite amusing to me.

Next up were the rides, this was Z’s favourite I think, water and rides well he was in his element! Plus he was entitled to a fast pass that allowed him to use the exit, but most of the rides we didn’t really queue up anyways.

We then went on the safari, I really enjoyed it. The giraffes held everyone up, and then the camels joined in. We ordered the animal food but Z didn’t really want to feed them, think the husband enjoyed that though!

They stick their heads into the window for food. Quite scary when a camel sticks his head in, have you seen the size on them up close! The announcement about keeping all windows and doors and sunroofs closed when you drive through the big cats is a little unnerving with the sign beep for help!

Think Z enjoyed some of the animals, when they were moving and he could actually see them.

After the safari we did go back to finish off what we hadn’t seen, we managed the sealion show, the bat house, the reptile house and that was it before it started raining and the men had had enough! Not as hard core as us we would have stayed at least another hour!

We were given a ticket when we went in to get return passes until Nov, well definitely go back. I can’t believe I’ve never been before.

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