Whilst checking what Z was doing on his iPad, like I do as a sensible parent! I like to see what photos he’s taken. 
I was going to upload these on to Instagram, then thought why not have a little community going. 
So starting on Wednesday February 1st, I’m inviting everyone to upload a picture that the children have taken, some are accidentally some know what they are doing, all welcome to 11 years of age. I’m going to put a cut off Age as I feel after 11 children are so tech savvy that they’ll put my own photos to shame! Not that mine are amazing or anything! 
When you have  added your photo to Instagram use the hashtag #whatsmalleyessee and each week I’ll choose my four favourite pictures . 
This is open to all public Instagram accounts, and linking up will give me permission to use my favourites each week for Instagram. I won’t use them anywhere else. 
I look forward to seeing all the lovely pictures your little ones have taken! 

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