Does this mean two bad days will continue into a bad week? I don’t think I can deal with a bad week, I’m struggling on day two. That takes a lot to say, struggling, not day two. The thought of taking Z back out again this evening makes me cry. Today have mostly been spent crying. Getting out of the car is becoming a major problem. Music or no music he’s the same. Nope, don’t matter where were going to, creche, indoor play or home, all result in screaming, tempers, floor diving, arm pinching and more recently biting. It’s getting to the point that I think I would rather put him in a pram and walk or not go. He’s getting worked getting out which up in turn makes me worked up.
Since 4 o’clock I’ve cried, I knew it was going to hit me at some point, maybe sooner rather than I thought. Poor J had it first, then a call to ask what I can do to portage had it, and by the time I got to creche there was no denying it, so sorry guys, who’s next?
The thought of getting Z back out of the car to go home was enough to get worked back up about.
We made it home just about! In the space of half hour it looks like we’ve never left! He’s happily playing, or should we say toy tipping, and I’m just going with it.

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