Since Thursday Z have not wanted to go to bed, on Saturday after having him up a& e for another ear infection and by Monday he was much better, his understanding seems to have grown much more again. Tonight I said get in that bed, he ran as fast as he could on tiptoes in a sleeping bag, straight to bed and put all the covers over him as if to say you can’t see me! I had to not laugh! It’s the little things like that and making everyone clap that means so much, such little things to everyone else but huge leaps for Z! Not just oh he’s starting to understand or even connect things, ah mams coming best jump into bed! It’s the whole concept of starting to put things together, starting to understand there’s this interacting thing going on. It’s so good to see. Everyone and I mean everyone, from family, to the playgroup girls to the coffee morning lot and the NAS M trio all clap for him. He is starting to look at you more In order to get what he wants. It’s amazing to see how much he’s come on. He will now expect you to put the phone to your ear, or the remote, he’s not quite figured out the difference of the remote and phone yet! All this is positive, now just wait on words so he can tell me if there’s a problem. I got told not to worry and it will happen, my reply was if it does I’ll be chuffed if it don’t yes I’ll be gutted, but I’ve learnt from seeing others anything is possible. If there is no language I’ll get there. Yes, again it will be a struggle but we would never change him. 
  It’s now 9.45 and he’s still not sleeping, his room is like a tornado has passed by and he’s yawning. Same as me! So I’m going to put him in bed yet again and as soon as he goes I’m off to sleep too! Goodnight x 

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