You are always told not to talk to strangers. Beware of the people you talk to online, they are not as they seem.
Then you come to twitter, where striking up a conversation with a stranger is the norm. Through twitter I’ve made many friends. Some I’ve been lucky enough to meet. Yup, actually met them in person and you know what they are fab! Then you have Instagram where you follow their lives in pictures. Not in a stalky kind of way!
What do I love about my online friends, they are always there! When your bored, they’ll answer. If you need help they’ll answer, and if you need picking up they’ll make you laugh. You can whinge in private knowing that they’ll have your back, not judge you, and offer any kind of help you may need.
Online we meet different people. We meet people on the same path as ourselves. There’s lots of us who just get it, get what you’re going through. Most of my online friends write blogs, so, again, I always have something to read. Things in common, people to chat to at 3am, because they are online they are from all over the world! I’ve learnt loads from my online friends over the pond, joined in treat swap boxes and seen each other’s children grow.
There are advantages to having online friends, I read somewhere that ‘strangers are just friends we’ve not met yet’, and I wholeheartedly agree!
To all my online friends, thank you for being there!

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