This last week I’ve said Z hadn’t been himself, he’s been off the little food he will eat, from when the toast was half eaten on Monday, I even said to portage that thought maybe he was going in for something, as he was in a funny mood. He just wanted her to rub his back, arms and we’ll just keep tickling him! He also wanted her to play every musical instrument he owns, and they had to be stacked at certain ways up her arm. Don’t know if he cried more when she put them down or if it was because she was going! Then, at soft play on Tuesday he didn’t eat his toast, and that’s not Z! 
I was concerned about his ears, but he was laying down to sleep, so thought it’s a sore throat. I can’t just take him to the doctors on the off chance there’s something wrong. So I left it, he had a high temp on Tuesday evening so Nurofen before bed and I was going to ring docs in the morning. Wednesday morning and he seemed a bit better, he ate toast at nans very slowly. When it was time for kids fit he had fallen asleep, he cried going in. Thought because he had just woken up, but he wouldn’t move and that’s not him. Then I noticed 3 little spots on his hand, I thought hand foot and mouth, or maybe chicken pox. Rang the doctors straight away, and in all fairness they told me to get him straight there. He was prescribed Antibiotics for tonsillitis. Last time he had tonsillitis he had just turned one and ended up in hospital for 3 nights, the second day there I noticed spots on his hands, they said hand foot and mouth then. That time a few weeks later he also lost a few finger nails. He’s caught hand foot and mouth every year since, but nothing to bad. I’ll have to see how he’s going to be in the morning for school, as listening to him crying now he won’t be there. He’s also over tired so that’s not helping. 
I hate it when he’s sick and can’t tell me, can’t even say where it’s hurting. He knows something is up but don’t know what. 
It’s always the guessing game, Im good at the ear infection game now, maybe half the time to three quarters I get wind right to. Everything else, your guess is as good as mine. 
I know having a sick child of any age is no fun, and it’s mentally draining, and yes he’s drained me today. Before work he kept trying to get me to be his performing monkey with his instruments, and if I hit the wrong thing, or even put one in the wrong place there was full on tantrum, yes, a tantrum because he couldn’t get his own way. I go sit on the toilet I have a drum being placed on my lap, I take clothes to sort out upstairs , I have a tambourine placed in my hand! I love the new found interest and the involvement but come on !
Now as Z have finally settled in off for s early night, I was awoken at 6 with a small child and a tambourine and a xylophone! 

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