When a child hits four if they are still in nappies then they are entitled to some off the NHS.  
Z is entitled to three a day, yes three, that means he’s allowed say two wees a day and allowed to open his bowels once going on that theory and god forbid you get a stomach bug! 
The only problems with nappies is I have to lay him down to change him. Also with the supermarket nappies they only go to a size 6, meaning that they rub in between his legs. When he was younger after they stopped selling Huggies I tried every nappy from pampers to Aldi, he had a huge reaction to pampers which needed cream off the gp. So we stuck with Tesco.  They started irritating him last year, so we started pull ups. Pull ups at £7 for two packs, 9 in a pack. I change his bum before school. During school he can get changed between 3-4 times. He has a change as soon as he gets home and 1-2 more changes before bed. That’s 7-8 changes a day. That’s £7 for two days, so £21 a week on pull ups. £84 a month. I don’t begrudge paying it he needs it, its one of those things. 
But why do prices go higher the older they get? I was paying £10 for three packets of nappies 36 in a bag, 108 nappies, one pack of nappies would last 4-5 days. See the saving by wearing nappies. But the problem is the nappies don’t go big enough! 
I’ve been offered a size 6 nappy a small adult or a pad to put in underware. Imagine giving these options to an adult, a small nappy, a pad or an xxxl, that’s what in effect they are offering Z. If I put small adult pants on him imagine what he would look like. There’s more choice of sanity towel for a woman than there are of nappies for children older than 3. 
When there’s so many children and young adults needing this service why isn’t there more choice. What disabled people don’t get a choice? Are they not people the same as you and I? Don’t they deserve underwear that fit? 
Why should I have to change Z on the floor of some dirty stinking smelly toilet just because he’s in a nappy? I’m lucky Z can stand, that’s why I choose pull ups. Yes I have to take his bottoms off but id rather that than lay him on a floor.  Again, I could take a mat with me, but then what part of his body gets to lay on that, his head or his bum? 
Every opportunity to take Z out I do, most bum changes take place in the car. But what happens when he gets a little bigger? Where do I change him then?  At the moment I can sit him down and quickly and discreetly put a  pull up a on him. Don’t he deserve that small part of being descret? Just because he’s not talking doesn’t mean he can be treated like a baby and just lay him down anywhere. 
Until I had Z I’m not going to lie I can’t say I thought much of toilets, there’s always been male, female and disabled. But those disabled who are they really for? Now it’s looking at places I know I can change him. Believe it or not there’s only ONE changing places in my area, that shocked me I wasn’t expecting any. There’s not even one in the local leisure centre. Well when they don’t have any parks either what can I expect. Yet Cardiff a city, 30 minutes away only had twelve, and that was including the bay and pennarth.
It’s one of those things that you can get an disabled act, but we really are no closer to accepting disabled people really truth be told. Only this week I was reading about a toy store that had just opened yet there was no lift access to upstairs? 
So big companies if you starting selling things like bigger nappies people would by them. What part of there is no market for them? Please do bigger sizes!! 

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