Where to start? Think every post I’ve written this week is counting down to Friday, and I’m glad it’s here tomorrow!
In all fairness today has been a much better day, Maybe the events of last week did finally catch up with me? Maybe the work we had here, maybe Z acting out did it, maybe it was Z getting a hair cut today? Who knows? I know I’m feeling much better today, so I’m guessing these little down will happen now and again.
Z went swimming today, right, he cried getting out of the car, flung himself on the floor, but as soon as I got him across the road and said, ‘okay, fine Mams going swimming, Z swim?’ I walked away, he ran after me and was great. He enjoys swimming, he likes the water, he hates the showers after but I’m sure most kids do and that’s nothing to do with autism. I still love his nemo costume and that ‘lucky’ fin. 😉
His hair cut…… Fair play what a hairdresser, N sat there patiently until we thought he was asleep on a swing! image
( Not today’s picture, but that was his position!) What a way to try and cut hair, think if he was asleep N would have been fine, but the kid knew and would not fall asleep! So, it was chase him around the house, at least she managed to tidy up the sides, coz they were getting really long..!!
Creche, S suggested a new plan yesterday in getting him out of the car and into creche, well into any place, so, his ‘home’ beaker was all ready, rang creche ahead to say we’re on our way, two staff came and got him out of the car, with his creche beaker, said it only took him four minutes to go from kicking and screaming to running around. He was fine when I rang and fine when I got back to collect him. So when I did go and get him, nearly home and I handed him his beaker saying Z, home. He got out of the car ok, just hope this works! If this works S gets owed a bottle of wine, and the girls in creche need an extra box of chocolates for keeping my sanity! Just because at one point this week I thought it was lost and wasn’t coming back!
So, today has been the best day all week, maybe because I know it’s Friday tomorrow?! No, he’s been good, it’s been easier, and I had a much better sleep last night. Here’s to even more sleep tonight and a much better day tomorrow!
Oh an a huge congratulations to my mate who had a baby boy this morning! Can’t wait for a cwtch on Monday!

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