Where to begin!
Tonight apologies to not only my neighbours but my entire street…..
The screaming ‘bed’ was me. Everything else was Z.
After his not going to sleep until 11.40 last night and wanting to sleep at 4 4.30 by 8 he was over tired. We put on Timmy time which is what’s been working. Dad has been watching what ever rubbish he watches in the spare room keeping an eye on Z whilst I get School bag pack lunch etc sorted downstairs. ( ok may get a sneaky 30 minutes on the switch In too!) 8.30 can hear banging and dad saying ok I’ll turn it off, he put something else on. 9 o’clock a huge bang which I ran upstairs after hearing dad shout you stupid boy you could have killed yourself.
He’d only pulled the shelves off the wall. These are floating shelves so slide into the screws, he’s pulled it all taking the plaster off the wall with it. Thankfully there wasn’t a lot on the shelves as we’ve never really trusted him not to climb for stuff. So a few soft toys and a money box or two. You couldn’t walk into his room as to climb onto the unit he upped the boxes out and emptied them. Meaning I had to put stuff away first. He was throwing himself about in bed, but he was going to bring the curtains down too, so I was telling him lay down which he was but leaping about like a salmon, hitting his head on the bed, kicking the walls, attempting climb down the end of the bed. In the end I had to pin him down, tickle his arms enough to calm down and not injure himself. Yes he winds me up and I have so much else to be doing but I can’t let him injure himself. A small cut to his bead or eye would bleed imagine attempting to take him to a&e in the state he gets himself into. I have to wrap him up and protect him with pillows either side.i know within 10- 20 minutes he’s asleep .Of course now me being like a baby elephant is hard to try and sneak off a 5ft bed! There’s nothing Nina like it!
This was all from a very over tired child. Going to bed at 10.30 most nights is not only having a knock on effect on him but on us too. I like to be asleep by 10! My husband wants to finish watching walking dead, 10.30 is far to late to even attempt a tv series never mind the list of films we’d like to watch. But there’s no way I’m putting on a film at 10.30!
The only thing I can think of is to try taking him out somewhere every day after school until 6 or so, then home and bath and then in bed by 8 -8.30 half hour of Timmy time and bed. I was told it takes 31 days for a new routine to start, we’re on day 4 of his bed bing turned and getting him to fall asleep there. With the holidays arriving the going to bed at 9.30 doesn’t bother me as much as I know for school we’re waking him at 7 and he’s grumpy maybe he’ll stay there till 7.30 or 8? I have 4 weeks until the end of term so maybe I’ll just carry on for 4 weeks, then let him carry on for the first 3 weeks and then start the new routine ready for school starting back.
I know something has to work, because right now the only other thing is to try melatonin even though I’d said I was against it, the lack of sleep is now having a knock on effect on us all. In a mood he’s trashing the house, with me so tired I’m finding myself napping through out the day meaning the trashed house is staying trashed for longer. The lack of sleep means my husband is shattered getting home from work and doesn’t want to be fixing the mess that Z had created.
Something has to give and if that’s drugging up Z well then that maybe my only option.

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