I’m pretty sure Z likes mess, he likes everything everywhere.
Earlier on was treating his head for nits, I hate nits and I hate autism the same time.
Anyone swear we were murdering him just applying the stuff, the wet, oily slippery stuff.
Takes the two of us to get it done, husband washes his hands, as he’s done and puts the clothes in the wash Z runs upstairs.
By the time G gets up the stairs after him, in less than two minutes he was greeted to this.

That is everything swiped off units and wardrobes including shelves. Things broken, things smashed.
A five year old in full meltdown mode because his head had to be treated.
An hour and half later it’s tidy or as tidy as I’m getting it tonight.
Makes tea, Z’s playing up stairs. I put all his balls away in the sensory room to be met with wallpaper ripped off, the mirrors pulled off the wall.
Next up bag for school goes upstairs and he had pulled everything out again. I shouted near enough in tears that all weekend I’ve cleaned, I’ve picked toys up, books up, jigsaws up. I’ve swept food up, washed clothes and it looks like I’ve done nothing nothing at all . As I shouted Z came running down and emptied all the balls back out.
When the social worker comes here tomorrow she can see the mess see the mass destruction he causes, what do I do put all his toys in the bin?

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